Agricultural Development Project “Namaa”

The harsh conditions in Syria have prompted the Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation, in cooperation with the Al-Bashaer Charity convoy,  to launch an agricultural development project in the southern countryside of Aleppo, in order to alleviate the living conditions of the people in that area and revive the agricultural land.

Having examined some of the reasons behind the decline in the economic and living conditions of the residents of the southern countryside of Aleppo, namely:

  • Lack of irrigated agricultural land in south Aleppo
  • The weakness of onion production, which led to high prices
  • High unemployment among young people

Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation launched the project in October 2015 based on the reclamation of 95 dunums of agricultural land and the cultivation of onions, in order to provide new jobs for the unemployed, especially those with agricultural expertise, and contribute to the agricultural wealth.

The project was able to produce 3225 tons of onions, which led to a reduction in the price of the material on local markets, and the reclamation of 95 dunums of agricultural land, benefiting about 10 thousand of the population. In addition, 100 families were involved in the project, for 10 continuous months.


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