Agricultural Kafaf (Contour) Project

It was necessary for the land to be reclaimed and made vital again for the benefit of residents and the civilians. This prompted Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation, in partnership with RAF Foundation, to launch this project. It is also beneficial to the region as a whole, and the families working in the project itself, which provides them with good jobs.

In March 2016 the project started in the area of Hula in the northern Homs countryside, to achieve a number of goals, including,

  • -Contribute to securing the region’s main seasonal vegetables for 18 months
  • -Provide adequate quantities of soft wheat used in bakers, producing daily bread
  • -Produce quantities of hay from harvesting to feed livestock
  • -Secure employment for residents of the besieged area to make use of their expertise.

In order to achieve these goals, 116 dunums of soft wheat, 23 dunums of potatoes and 58 dunums of vegetables (tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, and pumpkins) were cultivated, as well as 35 dunums of weeds (parsley, mint, lettuce, Spinach).

Efforts have been devoted to the advancement of this sector in order to address the obstacles that have constrained the forms of life in that region, namely:

  • The severe shortage of wheat, vegetables, potatoes and basic foodstuffs due to the siege
  •  Lack of cultivated areas as a result of the conflict
  •  Lack of employment opportunities
  •  High prices of vegetables and food
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