Restoring Hope for War-wounded Children

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A spiteful barrel fell on a father before the family realized it has lost its sole breadwinner and caused his son, Ahmed, to become an orphan. Ahmed is a seven-year-old boy living in Idlib. He suffers from severe hearing problems. With the absence of the sole breadwinner, Ahmed’s family became dependent on food aid and on the relatives’ aid that it receives and that can barely help them survive. They couldn’t even think of saving any money to pay for an earpiece that would allow Ahmed to hear and to live like his other peers, as well as to exercise his right to have equal education opportunities.

In fact, Ahmed was prevented from entering school for his inability to interact and communicate with teachers and classmates. It is for this reason that a support project was launched to do what needs to be done so as Ahmed can get an earpiece. He was also gradually rehabilitated until he became able to exercise his normal life just like the rest of his peers. Besides, Ahmed was able to enter school, and he became a first grade student. This action did not only affect Ahmed; it also affected his family. Apart from the happiness and the psychological comfort Ahmed experienced after he managed to overcome his hearing defect and felt he can move ahead in his life, he has become capable of doing things for his family as a potential man of the future, things that would make it possible for them to stand on their own without waiting for any kind of charity.

This action not only changed the life of a child, but it also changed the life of a whole family.

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