The Levant Sacrifices: A Charity Project to Distribute Meat to the Poor in Eid Al-Adha

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On the occasion of Eid al-Adha, and in an effort to bring joy to the families of orphans, widows and the needy, Al-Sham Foundation, in partnership with the Eid and RAF charity organizations, has started a campaign to distribute sacrificial meat to poor and needy people in various liberated Syrian regions where citizens have been living in poverty and severe want as a result of the war that has been going on for years.

A total number of 90 cows and 1969 sacrifice sheep have been made available for the occasion, targeting more than 223,672 beneficiaries. The meat has been distributed to 46,063 families in several Syrian provinces. The slaughter and preparation of the sacrificed animal was carried out in healthy slaughterhouses that were inspected and supervised by veterinarians. For this, qualified butchers were brought. While the foundation’s officials gave special attention to hygiene and clothing including gloves and sweaters in order to guarantee the good quality of the meat.

After that, the sacrificed animals have been transported in special vehicles where ice was placed with the meat to preserve it until it was distributed to the poor and the needy in the different villages and towns that have been targeted in a great number of Syrian cities. The distribution process was orchestrated in an atmosphere full of solidarity and cooperation between the members of Al-Sham Foundation and some volunteers who worked together to bring joy to the hearts of the needy and to draw smiles on the faces of the poor.

A number of liberated areas in several Syrian provinces have received their share of meat in line with their population numbers.  Hama governorate, for instance, has benefited from about 7 cows and 472 sheep that have been distributed to 13,025 families and 65,120 beneficiaries.

Latakia Governorate, on the other hand, received 118 sheep that were distributed to 2249 families and 11,240 beneficiaries, while Daraa Governorate benefited from two cows and 160 sheep that were distributed to 4215 families and 21,035 beneficiaries.

Homs Governorate received 240 sheep after meat was distributed to 3351 families and 13,142 beneficiaries.

The besieged eastern area of Ghouta benefited from 269 sheep and two cows that were distributed to 5929 families and 29,645 beneficiaries.

The afflicted Aleppo Governorate, in its turn, received 30 cows and 156 sheep that were distributed to 4233 families and 20,165 beneficiaries.

Idlib Governorate, where 8416 families received their share of meat and 42 thousand people benefited from the project, was given two cows and 307 sheep.

Finally, Ghouta, Western Damascus, Jayrud, Al-Kiswah, Qamishli, Quneitra, Wadi Barada and Al-Midan received 140 sheep, benefiting 1,800 families and 9,000 people.

The sacrifice animals project aims at a bringing into practice of the dictates of Islam while at the same time distributing sacrificial meat to those in need, migrants, and to those who are besieged in many a Syrian region.

The importance of this project lies in practicing a rite of the Islamic religion. In addition, the distribution of meat to poor, needy, displaced, and besieged families shall reinforce the spirit of solidarity among Muslims and burden sharing amongst them.

Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation is a leader in humanitarian activity, aiming to alleviate the suffering of the citizens in the besieged and afflicted areas which suffer from the scourges of war. This foundation is specialized in several fields, namely medical and psychological care and development, and it is actively present in various Syrian regions.

It is worth mentioning that this foundation is concerned with finding shelter for orphans, equipping some areas and villages with water, and building modern and specialized hospitals that shall provide free treatments for patients. Food baskets and psychological support centers for the poor are other charity projects that are on its agenda.

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