Charter of Humanitarian Action


The aim of this document is to introduce the ethics and humanitarian principles of Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation, which we strive to strengthen among our staff members and volunteers in order to serve the humanitarian sector and achieve its objectives.

Code of Conduct and Work Ethics:

  •  Satisfying (Iirda’a) the Creator:
The first and most important principle that AL Sham Humanitarian Foundation holds highly in carrying out its work is to please God through serving the people in need wherever possible.
  •  Mercy (Rahma):
Respecting all human beings and viewing the people in need with compassion and a sense of responsibility are binding ethical principle that Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation works to promote and work on.
  •  Integrity:

Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation adherences to moral and ethical principles and seeks nothing but the interest of the people it serves and refuses any other interest, whether personal, institutional or political.

  •  Eligibility for Beneficiaries of Humanitarian Assistance:
Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation pays its utmost attention to those deserving necessary humanitarian assistance wherever and whenever it is possible and believes that this is a right that should be enjoyed by the beneficiaries everywhere and at any time.
  •  Impartiality:
 Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation provides assistance to those who are entitled without discrimination of any kind, whether racial, ethnic, or sectarian. We believe that the severity of the situation is the sole criterion of getting assistance.
  • Neutrality:

Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation delivers aid and assistance to those in need with complete impartiality based on their needs making no distinctions on the basis of religious, political, racial or ideological nature.

  •  Independence:

Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation is a non-governmental organisation. It works completely independent of governments. Therefore; it does not apply any other policy than AHF’s unless it follows the independent principle of the humanitarian action. It does not allow the use of its staff to collect any information that does not serve purely humanitarian purposes.

  • Excellence (Ihsan):

Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation always seeks to use the best international institutional methods and standards in its work. It always looks forward to participating in the development of these standards to achieve better results in the humanitarian sector.

  • Accountability to Beneficiaries:
Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation believes that involving the community in designing and implementing the programs is vital to their success. AHF does not impose aid on beneficiaries but works to include them in programs, designs, management and implementation to ensure greater impact on the rehabilitation of society.
  • Support the Most Vulnerable:
 Children, women, the elderly people with special needs and those who have suffered permanent physical or psychological harm are at the top of our beneficiaries.
  •  Respect for Cultures and Customs:
Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation believes in respecting the cultures, customs and traditions of the societies in which it operates and disseminates this principle among its staff and employees.
  •  Liability to Beneficiaries and Donors:
Because Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation is entrusted with donor’s money to deliver aid and assistance to the affected population, AHF believes that transparency, integrity and clarity are vital towards the people and community we serve. We strive to do so by the pursuit of the highest professional standards, the development of expertise, systematic evaluation and the periodic publication of reports.
  • Cooperation and Coordination
Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation emphasises the importance of coordination and cooperation with other organisations and government agencies who are working in the same sector or location, with the aim of developing business and to prevente duplication of work and to achievie the best results at the lowest cost.