Thousands of hungry people in Syria living under a relentless siege, most of them children, face the specter of poverty that destroys young lives.

Al-Sham Humanitarian foundation has launched a “Dates Project” to distribute baskets of dates to poor families within Syria, for dates have a high nutritional value that keeps hunger at bay.

This Project is one of the important projects for several reasons, including:

-A severe siege imposed on some Syrian towns

-Soaring food prices and scarcity of fuel

-Low level of food security

-Dates contain high calories, which helps to maintain health and safety in cases of food shortages

We have identified the segments of society that need to be targeted, so that the maximum objectives are achieved as follows:

-Displaced families

-Households facing severe poverty


-Widows and orphans

-Families of martyrs and detainees and families with special needs

The project has been able to achieve good results, distributing 65 tons of dates to more than 65 thousand need families in the north of Syria – Aleppo, Idleb, Rural Lattakia and Hama.