A severe crisis has afflicted the Syrian people for several years and the world has proven indifferent to the cries of children and women and has done nothing to stop the causes of their misery.

In the face of these harsh conditions, the Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation, in partnership with the Raf Foundation, has launched the “Dossor” Livestock Project, aiming to find alternatives to acute shortages of basic milk and red meat by strengthening and revitalizing livestock, an important foodstuff for the Syrians.

Due to the severe damage caused to the livestock sector by war, the decline in the number of livestock and the lack of milk and red meat and the spread of unemployment among the workers, the project was launched “Dossor” in the region of Daraa in May 2016, The project aims to establish a dairy farm for the production of milk on a daily basis and a farm for fattening the calves to produce red meat, in addition to:

  • Contribute to enhancing food security in the region by providing meat, milk and dairy products from milk and cheese at reasonable prices
  • Contribute to the conservation and development of livestock
  • Provide job opportunities for those who have relevant experience


The project supports two groups of beneficiaries in the target area:

  •  Residents of the region: Benefiting from the project’s products in their areas by reducing the prices of milk and red meat. The project produced until December 6, 2016, about 31007 kg of milk benefiting about 125,400 people.  Also selling 6 calves benefited 8500 persons.
  •  Working Families: The project provides employment for those experienced in agriculture in the region, benefiting 6 families. The project has indirectly managed to provide employment for 80 people working in the production of milk, cheeses, and meats in the area.

Hence, efforts in all forms continue to be made to provide the Syrians with its basic requirements. The Foundation seeks to expand in other areas to support the Syrians in their everyday endeavors.