Kadd Al-Yemeen (Hard Work) Project

The world has completely ignored the tragedies the Syrians have been going through since the start of the crisis.

 Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation, in collaboration with the RAF Foundation, has launched the “Kadd Al-Yamin Project”, which aims to rehabilitate 65 dunums of land in planting potatoes, an indispensable product, in the besieged Rastan region.

The importance of this development project, which was launched in February 2016 in the besieged city of Rastan, stems from the fact that the region has a high unemployment rate and suffers from a shortage of potatoes while it has fertile farmland.

The project aims to:

  • Contribute to securing potatoes in the besieged area
  • Reclaim agricultural land
  • Create jobs

 The target groups benefited from the returns of this project, with a focus on the most vulnerable cases and families:

  •  Experienced workers are able to contribute to the success of the project
  •  Residents of the region can now purchase potatoes at prices lower by 50%

Statistics show that 75,000 people benefited from the project, which created 37 jobs and produced 130407 kg of potatoes.


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