The displaced Syrians face another problem manifested in the spread of communicable and infectious diseases within Syria, especially the besieged and the poverty-stricken areas.

The Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation has been alerted to the need to combat these conditions and has initiated the establishment of a “Hygiene Baskets” project, where baskets containing 15 items of personal hygiene items sufficient for a family of five for a full month are distributed throughout the year in most areas of the Syrian interior (Aleppo, Idlib, Lattakia countryside, Daraa, Damascus, Damascus countryside, Homs).

This project contributes to:

-Improving personal hygiene of poor families in the besieged areas

-Maintaining public health in areas suffering from a lack of health care and clean water

In the first half of the year, approximately 49,500 people had benefited from the project:

-Poor families in besieged areas

-Displaced families

-Families of orphans and widows

-Families of martyrs and detainees

-Families with special needs (disabled)

This project preserves the safety of the Syrian people from infectious diseases. So the project aspires to reach every house within Syria and help every family in there.