Sham Humanitarian Foundation Holds Meetings with Kuwaiti Institutions

In a bid to strengthen its network of relations and build up ties of cooperation with Kuwaiti humanitarian institutions, a delegation from the Sham Humanitarian Foundation, represented by Director General, Mr. Munir Zahra, and Director of Resources and Partnerships, Mr. Muhannad Othman, has visited a number of Kuwaiti humanitarian institutions. During these visits, the present projects and the future plans of AHF to respond to the humanitarian situation inside Syria for 2018 have been discussed. Several institutions expressed interest in these projects, and it was agreed to hold more consultative meetings in order to finance a number of such projects within the framework of the plans developed by these institutions to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Syria and to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people.


It is worth mentioning that the Kuwaiti institutions and the Kuwaiti people have frequently extended help and solidarity to the Syrian people in the humanitarian crisis, as the value of donations announced by the State of Kuwait in 2014 amounted to about half a billion dollars in donations for the relief of Syrian IDPs and refugees.

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