A-Sham Humanitarian Foundation has established the “Shifaa” (Healing) project to produce sterile medical gauze in the Rural Damascus in order to provide medical centers in the besieged areas with this basic item, to alleviate the suffering of the injured, and to create jobs and reduce the unemployment rate there.

The project was launched in January 2016 to manufacture medical sterile gauze in different measurements and to high quality medical standards. The project makes use of a textile machine and special equipment for cutting and packing.

The importance of the “Healing Project” has been highlighted in two ways: The lack of medical gauze due to the siege and the lack of employment for families in the region.

The focus of the project was to find solutions to several problems, including:

  • Producing medical gauze to meet the needs of the region
  • Creating jobs for people affected by the siege

The supervisors of this project have taken care to fully control the utilization of its products and to attract highly experienced employees, not ignoring those who do not have practical experience but are in dire need of work to provide for their families.