Hudhayfah is looking out of his home window in Kafr Nabil towards the street. He keeps looking at people walking remembering what he lived during the last few years.

Hudhayfah spent six years of his life experiencing bombing, displacement and losing his father who was a farmer. Hudhayfah was born in Al-Nashabiyah in the Countryside of Damascus from this point the
displacement begins till they reached Idlib.
Hudhayfah is living now with his mother and litter brother Ebada accompanied by other six families his
grandmother’s family and uncle’s families who all died but one uncle (Abou Darwish). His uncle Abu
Darwish work as street vendor selling vegetables to support his children, his brother’s children, Hudhayfah and his brother.

Hudhayfah’s story seems to be usual and happens repeatedly during the last few years. But what attracted us to Hudhayfah the hope in his eyes. although he is too young. He still dreams about returning to his oasis the can’t even remember any of its details but few moments between him and his father during they years he lived there.
His small park, his scattered Toys, his swing, they were all what he remembers from the Countryside of
His innocence while talking portrays a smile on the face of any one talks to him, waiting eagerly the opening of his school.
Hudhayfah dreams as every Syrian child about a better future enjoying his dreams and aspirations to study and succeed in life.