Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation has joined the Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Network (PSEA), based on its concern about the serious risks of sexual exploitation and abuse in humanitarian contexts and to take special measures to protect the humanitarian community.

صورة تذكارية لمنسق الشبكة في مدينة غازي عينتاب التركية السيد MHONE Christopher مع المدير التنفيذي لمؤسسة الشام الانسانية السيد مهند عثمان

PSEA is an international network established in 2011 with more than 30 organizations, some of which are not affiliated with the United Nations. It is led by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the Department of Field Support. The Network’s team aims to:

– Supporting field offices in the implementation of common community complaints mechanisms (including assistance to victims) and relevant activities (comparing the situation before and after the implementation of projects).

– Supporting agencies’ efforts to provide minimum standards of protection from sexual exploitation and abuse within their respective organization.

– Integration of protection from sexual exploitation and abuse into the subsidiary bodies and group of systems linked to the Inter-Agency Standing Committee.

In addition to providing response systems to deal properly with allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse which are reported in order to prevent violations, punish the perpetrators and assist the victims, Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation continues to seek integration and information exchange and avoids its duplication.