Tens of thousands of stories would be revealed in the near future about Syria and the suffering it
experienced during the eight years of war, and this figure may be much more. The viewer may be
tired of the many stories and their repetition before his eyes on the means of social media. But
these stories represent characters having pain and sadness in their hearts.

Ahmed Azraq, 18 years old, from the town of Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside of Idlib,
represents one story of the many suffering stories of the Syrian people. His home was bombed by a
warplane belonging to the Syrian regime in 2016, resulting in amputation of his left leg. Sadness
and grief in the face of Ahmed is enough to change your soul towards the worst.

Ahmed tells us his story: "We went out of Friday prayer, me and my three cousins, ​​and we sat at
home waiting for lunch. The sirens in the town began to warn the people of an imminent raid, but
the sirens may have been late a lot because the plane was faster than the sirens. We didn’t feel the
time that lapsed between the warning and the raid. At that time I was unconscious and only realized
myself in a hospital and screaming filled the place. I felt a great pain in my left leg and I heard a
doctor saying:" We have to amputate his leg”. Here was the shock and my memory turned back to
the moment we heard the sirens …….))

Before his injury and after quitting his school because of the intense bombardment his town was
subject to, Ahmed used to work in helping his father in repairing small electricity generators. Ahmed
hopes to return to his life and works to help his father; to practice his hobbies, visit his friends
without anyone's help, and dreams of spending his day like the rest of the people without need for a
What Ahmed lacks today is a prosthesis that compensates him for the absence of his lost leg, that
helps him to resume his life, and returns the smile to him and to his family.