In the harsh winter nights, Mr. Mohamed Al-Qadah and his wife were waiting for their first son to fill the house with joy and happiness after waiting for nine months. It was a rainy and cold night when Mr. Mohamed got his wife to the hospital for her to give birth. It was only an hour before the nurse came out to herald him of the birth of his new baby and the safety of his wife, and she gave him his newborn baby to assure him of his good health before he was surprised by the sight of his unnatural legs.
Ahmed is the little boy, who was destined to be born with two deformed legs to live all his life unable to walk on his feet.
“I have visited all orthopedic doctors and pediatricians in my town to find a cure for my son, Ahmed, but to no avail. This is a congenital disease that can only be cured by amputation of the bone excrescences and the fixing of prostheses”, this is what Mr. Mohamed Al-Qadah told us.

Ahmed has done a lot of surgeries since he was young until today, when he became fourteen years of age. He suffered a lot in these years in his journeys to school and in managing his needs and affairs.

“I dream of getting an artificial limb and be trained on it so that I can walk on my feet like my friends, walk with my brothers and go out to the park to play together without riding on the chair or using crutches. I love handball and I hope to be like my dad who is a professional player and compete the others in the game.”
Ahmed’s dream is not difficult to realize, but he needs those who hear him and see his joyful spirit and his play with his brothers.