One of the most important challenges facing Syrians is (providing livelihoods). Where, there are not many jobs in the light of war existing. This situation affected on increasing unemployment rate that reached 75% between youth. Whereas local market need those cadres who have working skills, as this led to create a gap between companies in the local market and employers looking for persons who have working skills. Actually, the Syrian community contains many of expertise and technical capacities that need training and refining personal skills aiming at obtaining appropriate work opportunities particularly after evacuations flows. This situation affected different regions as they found themselves without any educational and qualifying basics.

This situation forced Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation to launch a personal skills training project in March 2019. Sham is now equipping a training center with equipment and required technical means to accommodate nearly 460 trainee throughout six months. This center will train university students and fresh graduates in addition to some other groups like who dropped out university education and old graduates. Those old graduates owned technical skills, but never experienced training courses like that. In addition, some assigned employees of local organizations. Those people will be trained on programs directly related to work skills in of local market, companies and organizations. In addition, the foundation will follow up training results and carrying out guidance sessions with the trainees after finishing training course. The trainees will receive training courses such as:

  • Effective communication
  • Writing CVs, statement letter and purpose
  • Negotiating and persuasion
  • Conducting work interviews
  • Presentations provision
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Creative thinking and solving problems
  • Managing time and priorities

Those training courses will lead to enhancing personal and technical skills of the trainees. In addition, those courses will increase the ability to market their skills effectively and leveraging it in the best way within work market and companies.