Tents are the only shelter for thousands of the displaced who have fled to save their lives. Sadly, they fled from on kind of hell to face a hell of another kind, that of poverty, destitution, and deprivation.

Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation, in partnership with Eid Foundation, has launched the “Charity Housing” project, which aims to replace these worn tents in the city of Idlib on the border with Turkey with concrete floors that provide the displaced with a decent life.

The project includes:

-Four housing units each of which consists of four floors each floor containing sixteen rooms. The room number (248) in total, in addition to eight shops

-Administrative building


-Two-story mosque

-Wall surrounding the whole land of the project

-Public sewerage system

-A system supplying drinking water from a well dug into the camp’s land

-An electrolytic system including a diesel generator and a pneumatic network including columns and wires

-Indoor and outdoor roads to serve the project and green spaces

This project is extremely vital for the following reasons:

-Housing approximately 1,000 people in concrete houses

-Providing decent and suitable housing for displaced families

-Mitigating diseases affecting the population as a result of the lack of basic services

-Beginning reconstruction in relatively safe areas

This project loses its importance in the event of granting these houses to the non-eligible, so the project management has set conditions for the distribution of these houses. The segments that can benefit from this project identified the families of the following categories:

-Number of children under 4

-The poorest


-Orphans and widows

-Martyrs and detainees

-People with special needs

The workers in this project have made a great effort to prepare and deliver, in order to ensure relative stability of the families affected by the war around them.