The Syrians are facing a major crisis and a suffocating siege in large areas of their country. The siege has transformed the country into a huge prison, limiting their freedom and depriving them of their businesses. Poverty, therefore, spread in most of the besieged families. As a result of continuous bombardment, many Syrians are forced to flee from one place to another and from one town to another, looking for, but never finding, security and stability.

Therefore, Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation has launched this project, which distributes monthly food baskets to the most vulnerable displaced families – families of widows and orphans in the besieged areas within Syria. The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

-Distribution of food baskets to parents (each basket containing 16 food items weighing approximately 24 kg.)

-Contributing to food security

These baskets are distributed to the neediest people, such as:

-Poor families

-Displaced families

-Orphans and widows

-Families of martyrs and detainees

-Families with special needs (disabled)

The number of beneficiaries of this charitable project until the first half of 2016 is about 288500, which explains the importance of this work to help the Syrian people face the crisis, particularly the continuous displacement movement and escape from the oppression of the war machine.