Many are the tragedies suffered by the children of Syria during the war in the country: deprivation
of education, constant displacement, subsequent death, and many injuries.
Rama, a story that involves a lot of pain and hope that attracts you to sit with her for hours and
In 2015, their house was bombed by a warplane. Their house was destroyed and became a hill of
rubble. Rama and her brothers and mother were among the victims of such bombardment.

Rama says: (We were sitting in the garden of the house, me and my brothers, playing and writing
our homework after returning from school. While we were waiting for our mother to prepare lunch,
suddenly we heard the sound of a plane. We ran towards the shelter but before reaching it, we
heard the sound of a loud explosion. I do not forget at that moment my mother's voice calling for
us to be assured of the safety of myself and of my brothers’.
I felt severe pain in my body and then I was unconscious and when I came back to consciousness
I found myself in the hospital ….).
In the hospital to which Rama was transferred, doctors decided to amputate her right foot for failing
to put an end to the bleeding and as a result of the magnitude of the injury she suffered.

It was a shock for her parents and relatives to see Rama with that scene after she used to fill the
house with her movements and laughter.

Rama lived long suffering from pain; but she stayed hopeful that she would live better days that
would make her forget those incidents. Rama hopes that she will be able to fix an artificial limb in
order to dispense with her crutches that accompany her to her school, to be able to roam freely,
return to her life and hobbies and pursue realizing her dreams.

Rama would tell her story to other people and would remain a testament to the determination of
the people and their hope to continue in life.