Bread is essential for all peoples of the world. However, in Syria bread has become a dream for many people who are suffering from the ongoing crisis in the country, especially in the besieged areas. This is caused either by the inability to secure wheat or by traders who exploit the need of people for bread.

Al-Sham Humanitarian foundation has started Sanabel Al Attaa Project to produce and distribute bread at a subsidized price or distribute flour rations in areas where people can bake themselves. The Foundation has also launched three mills, grinding 50 tons of wheat daily.

The objective of this project was to:

-Contribute to feed security

-Provide bread for displaced families

-Families of widows and orphans

-Families with special needs

Securing bread, which is at the core of Syrian life, is one of the priorities highlighted by AHF to ease the burden of the war and help the afflicted people at home.