Al Sham hospital, one of Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation’s health facilities in Idleb governorate, was targeted by Syrian military fighter jets, supported by Russia. The attack took place at 12:30 in the morning on Saturday 11th May 2019, which led to the destruction of the facility. The hospital was recently deconflicted through the UN mechanism, in order to neutralize any humanitarian facility from being targeted.

During the last two weeks, a number of attacks on medical facilities as well as medical personnel were carried out by the Syrian regime and its allies. These attacks resulted in Al Sham losing two ambulances while carrying out their duties in providing aid to the sick and wounded. This medical facility project was being carried out in partnership with WHO.

These attacks are a clear violation of International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva convention, which affirms the duty to protect health facilities and their personnel. The health sector in north-west Syria is struggling due to the systematic attacks and the targeting by the Syrian regime and its allies, which has increased over the last few weeks. These attacks have caused the displacement of over one hundred and fifty thousand civilians who are now fending for their lives.

Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation expresses its outrage at these attacks on personnel and health facilities and we demand the immediate halt of these attacks. They are war crimes and against the UNSCR 2139 and 2254, which demands to stop all attacks against civil facilities and civilian people.

Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation affirms its position in continuing its principled humanitarian programs and providing its services to all vulnerable people in need. We call upon the international community to stand up and take all necessary measures to stop the attacks on civilians and civil facilities, and also in aiding the humanitarian organizations to deliver emergency assistance.