In the light of humanitarian and natural crisis that arise from wars or natural disaster, donation offered by countries, organizations and individuals plays a vital role in decreasing affected, distressed and needy people suffering.

The response to humanitarian crises through donations, financial support and In – kind subsidies for affected appears to be an ethical and humanitarian value urged by all religions and coordinates with all customs because of its profound impact on decreasing affected suffering, rescuing their lives and contributing in saving them. Taking into consideration that Allah in holly Quran promised the men who give charity the recompense and duplicating their reward while saying “The charitable men and charitable women, who have loaned God a loan of righteousness—it will be multiplied for them, and for them is a generous reward” verse 18 Al Hadid (Iron).

Actually, war these days are considered to be the main cause of emigration, asylum, poverty and suffering in many countries, as the world witnesses dozens of sad stories about hundreds of thousands of families who lost their shelter and displaced all over the world running from abyss of war. This what reignites hundreds of charitable organizations and humanitarian associations to support those needy and contribute in decreasing their sufferings providing any available food, water home and health and social care. Evidences and indications assure the vital role of donations and charity to decrease not only on poverty and privation but also on saving affected families lives through providing essential life needs.

Donation has different aspects and ways; thus, it allows donors with their different groups of donations to contribute in charity by donating money and in-kind donations as per humanitarian needs. In this regard, non-profit charitable organizations are considered to be a vessel to collect and allocate donations depending on its objectives and targeted areas.

According to UNHCR data, the world nowadays witnesses the highest levels of displacement since Commissioner was established, as 65.3 million people all over the world lost their homes or forced to run away from them including more than 21 million refugee more than 50% of them are below 18 years old.

In a world witnessing displacement of nearly 34 thousand persons by force as a result of wars or persecution, the donors, charity and humanitarian contributions became valuable more than before.

The Arab situation secreted a lot of countries that are in need of non-profit charitable organizations work, which directed its efforts towards helping needy people and reaching out poor people, displaced and deprived, especially who were displaced by wars. Consequently, charitable organizations and associations became more active depending on benevolent and benefactors.

Within this context, charitable and voluntary humanitarian work are full of hundreds of vivid examples of individuals, organizations and countries who have done their best and offered charity helping weak and needy people all over the world.

It is very important to know that ways of charity are available for who wants to help in offering not only direct financial and in-kind donations to buy food and medical stuff, but also other ways of donations such as periodical blood donation, or donating any of body organs to one of family members or friends. We may not exclude spending time and effort for public interest, charity and voluntary work such as contributing in protecting environment or cleaning district and town or planting trees in addition to spreading health and educational awareness such as illiteracy control and youth education.

Also, reacting with others sufferings contains a lot of ways and channels as humanitarian donation varies in its ways of support such as assisting in decreasing suffer, hardship of living for needy people as a way of promoting humanitarian values and fixing of pooling concept.

Though all crisis, obstacles and tragedies humankind knew, the ways of humanitarian donorship what makes future more shining and promising.