Thousands of families in Syria have been suffering from the bitterness of cold, poverty, and siege, for six years now.  Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation launched a “Warm Winter” campaign to alleviate the suffering of these families and to achieve the following goals:

-Secure the minimum requirements of families of heating materials to protect them from winter diseases

-Provide winter clothing for the target families

-Contribute to making tents warmer in winter

-Bring warmth to the homes of the poor

The project sought to provide bags containing supplies` that help our people in Syria and the places of displacement to ease the cold and bring warmth to the tents and homes of those in need. These bags are two types:

-Winter clothing bags containing: trousers, boots, sweaters, woolen boots, gloves, socks, coat

-Warmer bags containing: fuel heater, plastic containers, mattresses, blankets, heaters, cushions, carpets

In order to provide assistance to the beneficiaries, the Winter Committee set the criteria for choosing the poorest families:

-Families that lack the breadwinners

-Families of martyrs

-Children aged 4 to 14 years


-Besieged families

The project was able to help 439500 people this year and seeks to reach 30,000 people more who suffer from the cold winter.